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Calmness Lives Inside Experiencing Oneness

You see, the quality of calmness is very important -- Swami Vishwananda

Once there was a man who was always searching for his Satguru. He went everywhere, but yet his heart was not pleased as he did not find his Satguru. Eventually, one day he was near a Saint and he asked him, "Dear Sir, I am on a search for my Satguru; could you please guide me?"

The Saint closed his eyes and meditated for a little while and said to the man, "Listen, my son, up on the mountain that you see there are many Holy Men staying. Tomorrow is a very good day; invite all of them to your place for lunch. With love and dedication serve them food and give them respect. And as they are eating ask them a question. Take twigs from any tree and ask the Holy Men from which tree they come So the man invited the Holy Men to his place, as the Saint had told him to do. He served them food with much love and respect. Then he showed them the twigs of the tree and asked each one of them "Dear Sir, tell me which plant or which fruit tree does this twig belong?"

The Saint previously had said to the man looking for his Satguru, "When the Holy Men say which tree the twigs come from, you contradict them. When they say it's a mango, you say, "No, the twigs are from a peepul tree." The one who will stay calm and will say, "Maybe, it is possible that the twigs are from a peepul tree," will be a Satguru.

As he was asking, "Which tree does this plant, this twig belong," the Gurus, the Holy Men got very frustrated and furious saying, "Why donā€™t you see that the twig is from a mango branch and stop telling us all the time that it is a peepul twig, for we tell you your twigs are from a mango tree." Among them, however, there was one man, very simple, who stayed calm while quietly eating his food. The man asked the calm Holy Man, "What about you dear sir, reverent sir, from which tree did this twig come?" The holy man said, "Well, it may be possible the twig came from a peepul tree." Very calmly, and very serenely with a smile, the Holy Man said this.

You see, the quality of calmness is very important. This is the greatness of a Satguru. No matter what happens, he will always stay calm. When you have found your Satguru and you see this quality of calmness, then surrender and stop asking questions. Like I always say, the mind constantly is full of doubt.

The feeling of joy that you have when the Satguru is in front of you, the same is reflected back to you from the Satguru. The Satguru will never show the feeling, but you will feel it. The Satguru knows that but he wants you to know it. The Satguru has already found God; He has already realized the Divine and he wants you also to realize God. That is why you look for him. Try to feel always with your heart and try to listen to your inner self. When your inner self reveals something, the mind will always say, "Oh no, no, no, no, itā€™s not like that; it has to be like this. The mind will try always to divert you from this path, from the reality. That's why you have to show the mind that you are the master instead of the mind being the master of you.

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